The following list is a small fraction of the people and companies who have pitched in to make Flagcoco a special part of Flagstaff culture.  While Flagcoco has never asked for a dime, many individuals have contributed with stories, pictures, and alerts to things going on in our hometown.  There are more Thank You's in the publications.

Michael Alarcon, Coconino H.S., Class of 1987

Ralph Amsden, C-Town

Trace Anderson, Flag High, Class of 2014

Arizona Daily Sun / Coconino Sun (newspaper and website).  A special thanks to all the writers, photographers, and editors who, over nearly a half century, have catalogued and memorialized the rivalry.  They wrote not just to inform the reader of his day, but to educate the reader of tomorrow.  Tomorrow is now here.

The Arizona High School Helmet Project

Arizona Interscholastic Association

Arizona Republic

Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records.  Staff and Security.

Bob Brooks, Coconino H.S., Class of 1987

Burton Barr Public Library, Phoenix, Arizona

Mark Brand, Assistant Athletic Director, Arizona State University

Eddie Campos, Head Coach, Flag High, 2011-2013

Phil Cancik, Northern Arizona University, Class of 1980

Cory Chavez, Flag High, Class of 2014

Coconino High School by Classmates

Robin Cook, Coconino FBPictures

Derald Cox, Flag High, Class of 1970

Tony Cullen, Flag High, Principal, Class of 1982

Steven Doten, High School Football Index

Cindy Mayes Ellis, Coconino H.S, Class of 1989

Bill Epperson

Richard Estrella, Coconino H.S., Class of 1974


Flagstaff Sports Foundation

Eric Freas, Athletic Director, Coconino H.S.

Bubba Ganter, Coconino H.S., Class of 1987

Craig Garcia

Gather The Eagles

Stan Gill, Flag High, Class of 1982

Gridiron Arizona.  Focus on Division I & II

Mary Gill Harris, Flag High, Class of 1987

Tee Gott, KVNA

Robin Herre, Coconino H.S., Class of 1988

Hadley Hicks, Flag High Head Coach 1971-1978

Travis Holland, Flag High, Class of 1998

Carlton Johns, Coconino H.S., Class of 1997

Tauris Johns, Coconino H.S., Class of 1994

Leslie Kauo, Flag High, Class of 1986

Tracy and Tracy Kuehl

Beth Ply Langston

Victor Lobato, Coconino H.S., Class of 1987

Marcus Baca Martinez, Coconino H.S., Class of 2015

George Moate, Coconino H.S., Administration, Head Coach 1990-2004 & 2012-2013

Karl F. Mullings, KFM Designs Photography

Danny Neal, Flag High, Class of 1972

Bob Oberhardt, Flag High, Statistician Extraordinaire

Tracy Mahan Olson, Coconino H.S., Class of 1989

Tim Painter

Steve Philpott, Coconino H.S., Class of 1987

Brady Pond, FHS Broadcast Crew

Presentations ETC

Billy Randall, Coconino H.S., Class of 2014

Sergio Rivera, Flag High, Class of 2003

Ben Schorr, Asst. Coach, Coconino H.S.

Shon and Tammy Scott

Ray Smith, Coconino H.S., Class of 1975

Steve Stockmar, Prescott Daily Courier

Greg Turner, Flag High, Class of 1980

Del Vicker, Coconino H.S., Class of 1987

Rich Walters, Coconino H.S., Class of 1987

Mark Wilson

Randy Wilson, Editor, Arizona Daily Sun

Andy Wood, Northern Arizona University, Class of 1981

Stacie Zanzucchi, Coconino H.S., Principal