Flagcoco published the inaugural edition of its first online magazine in December 2018.  It was a review of fall sports, preview for the upcoming winter season, and included relevant articles, musings into city history, advertisements, and other items to keep fans of Flag High and Coconino athletics informed and entertained.

On this page will be the catalog of Flagcoco's publications, currently hosted on Flipsnack.com.  

The online magazine will likely not be the only publication on this page.  Future projects are being discussed with both schools.  

The most recent edition of the online magazine can be found on this site's home page.  For other editions, click the cover thumbnail correlating with the issue you'd like to read.

(in chronological order)

FLAGCOCO #1:  Winter 2018-2019.  Dedicated to Rusty Penland.  Cover:  Gracelyn Nez, Flag High Class of 2022.  






FLAGCOCO #2:  Spring 2019.  Dedicated to Bob Oberhardt.  Cover:  Woodlyn Smith, Coconino Class of 2019.  


FLAGCOCO #3:  Summer 2019.  Dedicated to Stan Gill.  Cover:  Tony Cullen and Troy Yazzie, Flag High Classes of 1982 and 2019.







COCONINO BLACK BOOK 2019.  Dedicated to Willard Reaves.  







FLAGCOCO #4:  Autumn 2019.  Dedicated to Danny Neal.  Cover: Joe Weidinger (Flag High Class of 2020) and Zach Bennett (Coconino Class of 2021).







FLAGCOCO #5:  Winter 2019/2020.  Dedicated to Eric Freas.  Cover: Preston Olney (Coconino Class of 2020).  Features Athletes of the Decade.






COCONINO BLACK BOOK 2020.  Dedicated to Audie McKee.

BOB OBERHARDT'S EAGLES ON THE MOUNTAIN 2020.  Dedicated to James Dugan. 

FLAGCOCO'S FOOTBALL PREVIEW 2020.  Dedicated to Eddie Campos

THE HISTORY OF SINAGUA MUSTANGS FOOTBALL (1st Ed.) Dedicated to Jeremiah Miller