There's bits and pieces of Eagle and Panther football all over the Internet, including video.  Flagcoco seeks to collect as much of it as possible for your viewing pleasure.

Links to videos are posted when necessary.  Otherwise, videos are embedded here whenever possible.

RIVALRY GAME 1986:  Posted on YouTube by Flagcoco.  Original videotape donated by Del Vicker.  See 1986 Game for more information.

RIVALRY GAME 1996:  Posted on YouTube by Travis Holland.  See 1996 Game for more information.

NICK MORRIS:  Morris plays strong safety for the Panthers.  This video is from his junior season, 2013. 


MARVIN OTENYO:  Here is Marvin's highlight video from his senior season, 2013: 


KYLE WILSON:  The Wilson family posted this video on YouTube on November 28, 2012 to promote Kyle to recruiters after his junior season.  He will be playing at Flag High in 2013.

MARCUS BACA-MARTINEZ:  Marcus brings speed to both sides of the ball for the Panthers.  Class of 2015.  Here are a few highlights from videos found on Hudl. 

AUSTIN HERRE:  Here is Herre's recruiting video from  He is part of Coconino's Class of 2014.

CODY PHILPOTT:  This is Cody's sophomore video, shared from, from 2011.

CODY LIVINGSTON:  Here is footage from Cody's 2012 season, excelling at wide receiver and defensive end.

KYLE RENNING:  Renning played line for the Panthers in 2012 and was the long snapper.  This is a highlight video from his senior season and posted on YouTube on December 4, 2012 


ZENO JOYCE:  Joyce was a star for the Panthers on offense, defense, and special teams.  This is a highlight video from 2009, his senior season.

JAKE WALTON:  Walton was Flag High's deep threat receiver and Luke Rotter's favorite target in 2009.  This highlight video was posted a year later.

2004 FLAGSTAFF HIGH SCHOOL BLOOPERS:  Flag High had a great year in 2004, going 9-1 in the regular season (their only loss coming in the Rivalry Game), going into the playoffs as the #5 seed, making it to the second round.  This video, however, brings them back down to earth a little.