The Flagcoco Spirit Awards were started at the end of the 2015-2016 school year to celebrate the athletes who participate in the best high school rivalry in Arizona.  Each year, a senior boy and a girl from each school is honored for their athletic achievements and sportsmanship throughout their high school careers.

While members of the Flagstaff media and the school athletic directors are consulted, Flagcoco has the ultimate call.  Criteria for choosing honorees include:

*Must be a senior.

*Must have competed in at least one sport as a Panther or an Eagle.  Multisport achievement holds greater weight.

*Winners of the New Cromer Awards (another set of awards presented by Flagcoco) are not excluded, but are shied away from.

*Raising level of play in rivalry competition a plus.

​The fourth annual Flagcoco Spirit Awards were held May 20, 2019 at the Hal Jensen Recreation Center.

Class of 2016

Marissa Copley

Kaleb Sandoval

Weston Smith

Shayleen Toehe

Class of 2017

Christian Casados

Jacqulynn Nakai

Nizhoni Thomas

Jared Wetzel

Class of 2018

Maddy Christopher

Zack Christopher

Drew Healy

Dana Parker

Class of 2019

Ty Furr

Josh Morrow

Woodlyn Smith

Madeline Wilson

Class of 2020

Stephen Canizales

Kyle Casados

Madelyn Clouse

Hana Hall

Class of 2021

Lily Anderson

Jacob Begay

Sylas Clerry

Brooke Parker

Class of 2022

Xavier Nakai

Gracelyn Nez

Elyce Palmer

Spencer Smith

Class of 2023

Jacob Clouse

Mia Hall

Woodlyn Smith

Jake Weidinger