Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, Flagcoco will be presenting awards for the student athletes who best exemplify the spirit of the best high school rivalry in Arizona.  They will be presented to seniors who, over the course of their prep careers, have risen the highest against their crosstown rivals.  Two athletes from each school--one boy and one girl--will receive the awards at the end of the school year.  Regardless of sport, all Eagles and Panthers who have competed against their rivals are eligible for these awards.

This is the second set of awards Flagcoco will be giving on an annual basis.  Unlike the New Cromer Awards, which honor the Outstanding Panther and Eagle of the Rivalry Football Game, the Spirit Awards go to athletes based on their entire prep careers.  It may go to an athlete based on performance in several sports, not just one.  Also, while the New Cromer Awards are decided by fans and the schools' athletic directors, the Spirit Award recipients will be decided by Flagcoco, under the advisement of the Flagstaff media and with the blessing of the ADs.

Flagstaff is unique among Arizona cities in that it has two high schools that compete against one another at a high level.  Coconino and Flagstaff High Schools are so intricately woven together that their destinies are ultimately identical and shared.  A large part of being an Eagle is to be competing against the Panthers, and vice versa.  It is such a pervasive part of the Flagstaff high school experience that it should be acknowledged and celebrated.  Such individuals who recognize the significance of the rivalry, who are able to use that significance to inspire them to play on a higher level, exemplify the very best Flagstaff has to offer.

Flagcoco will always be dedicated to celebrating the best high school rivalry in Arizona.  These awards are my way of saying, Thank You for celebrating the rivalry in the spirit it was meant.








Marissa Copley
Kaleb Sandoval
Weston Smith
Shayleen Toehe